Fan Connections

Two weeks ago, we posted an article defining the football fan, defining his or even her importance to the game. Today we will go deep into the fan’s life. Fly-Foot conducted a study during the past week to try to differentiate between supporters and fans through social media, namely Twitter.

It was very surprising to see that with technology and internet advancement we have been able to get a brighter idea without having to go to the stadiums or even talk to a single person. Supporters in general tend to follow the official accounts of their teams and the players that play for the club they support. Fans go beyond this, they develop a great connection by not only following their teams and players but also biased journalists that favor their team as well as fans of their team. In a study of 200 twitter accounts of football fans we reach the conclusion that 78% of them follow more fans of their teams that people  they actually know such as friends and family.


This connection helps any person feel free to express his opinion about his team whether it was good or bad, they would even go ahead and discuss tactics, strategies, formations and future transfers. This has many positive sides, a person would develop countless relations and friendships with people he may have never seen. A recent trend is using the term ‘brother’ for fans of the same team in the team’s language such as the words Hermano between fans of Real Madrid or Barcelona, fratello between fans of Juventus, Inter, Milan or Roma, the english slang ‘bro’ is often used by EPL fans. We can see here clearly that football unites us and makes us share a strong bond between each other. We wake up in the morning check the scores we missed out on last night, we check the team news and the newspaper or football-site reviews and comment and discuss. After school, College or work we can’t wait to get access to an internet connected device to see who the papers say is in the starting line-up who missed out on the team’s trip as our favorite club travelled to another country to play in the Champions League and of course we discuss that with our team-family on twitter and facebook or even the upcoming Squawka.

The game also seems the center of our talk whether it was with our actual biological brothers, friends at school or colleges at work. We tease each other and challenge each other that our team will prevail at the end. It has taken the center of our attention. From the background photos on our screens and laptops to the posters we hang in our room.

In conclusion and in simple words this game means more than life to us and we the fans of it make it what it really is and give it its real meaning. Internet expansion is uniting fans world-wide and it helps both the fan and the team benefit. Despite the internet experience of the team is a must for every fan, attending the games live in the stands will always have a different meaning in a fantastic atmosphere.


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