Evolution at Stoke City

Stoke City have signaled the time to drop their football culture by appointing Mark Cartwright as technical director. The Potters are hoping to establish a wide scouting network that can bring them young talented players from around the world for low figures. The aim is not to purchase a whole team from foreign countries but they can sign two or three players who are much better and younger than the ones available in England and for even less transfer fees. The club scouts will have a tough mission in identifying the right players they need to sign players who match the club’s philosophy and style yet the future is bleak as the typical aggressive physical game of Stoke might be dropped as a new head coach seems ready to walk in with a different philosophy similar to the successful one of West Bromwich Albion. The club’s aim is to keep the identity of players who have self-discipline, hard working mentality and honesty. Their technical abilities could be sorted out with whoever is leading the team next term whether it was Tony Pulis or someone else.

Local British have criticized the move as discouraging to local talents but Cartwright has moved to dismiss this speculation claiming that they will continue to look at the British and Irish market but they will enhance the squad with the hidden talents. 20-year-old goalkeeper Jack Butland was signed in January but was allowed to complete the season at Birmingham such a move supports Stoke remaining in the British market. USA represents a strong market for Stoke as athletes in there are physically strong. Another strong point for Cartwright is his experience as a player agent facilitates his ability to get the best out of the deals for his club.

There has been news that Stoke are determined to appoint Steve Bould, Arsenal’s assistant coach as a head coach at Stoke dropping the role of a technical manager and giving him the task to coach the team and communicate with the tactical director to find the right players for the right team. His ambitious attitude and style can bring a lot to Stoke as they aim to diverge from their natural game into a more fluid style that Tony Pulis, despite his competences in physical football, cannot achieve. Nevertheless, Bould may decide to remain at Arsenal for another season or two in hopes of taking over Arsene Wenger’s position. The person leading Stoke City’s bench will be the decisive factor to whether their new plan can prove to be a hit or fail.


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