Big In Rio – Your Chance to Travel To The World Cup

It’s been just a little over a month now, since we have launched our facebook application ‘Big In Rio‘. At Fly-Foot our main mission is to meet the needs of the MENA region’s most enthusiastic football fans. We aim to allow this passionate community to experience the beautiful game live in the stadium and from seats where a fan can have the best view of the game yet feel the vibe of passionate fans just like him or her. We believe that to be part of your team is beyond watching matches from your own house and enjoying the wins. It is about following your team through ups and downs; it is about following every small detail that is happening around whether it was a player getting injured in training or a youngster making his breakthrough into the first team. t the stadium. Without the fans, the players have nothing to play for and teams won’t be able to send their messages thus your presence at the stadium at least once every season is a must and it is an unrivalled experience.

Fly-Foot took the decision to involve fans even more into the game without pushing them to put too much effort into it. There are many games around the internet that are related to day-to-day real football such as betting ones which make you gain money but only after you’ve lost quite a lot or the fantasy football games where you spend endless time trying to figure out which team to take your risk on defensively and and which to take it on offensively and ultimately making you put a lot of effort in trying to win points every week. This is why we decided to create the game ‘Big In Rio’ the fan does not need to put his money on the line nor a lot of time to think about which line-up would maximize his points and the players he does not need this week but can be useful the one after.

‘Big In Rio’ is quite simple but interesting in its simplicity, we give you five games every week that could vary between domestic leagues, cups, European ones or even international games and all you need to do is predict the final score of the five games. It is quite tough to get the right score but our point system is developed in a way to make you win even when you do not get the right score.

1. If you get the exact score, you win five points.

2. If you get the exact goal difference you win two points.

3. If you get the winning team right but a different goal difference you win a single point.

In case you predicted a draw:

1. If you get the exact score, you win five points.

2. If the teams draw but a different score is the outcome you win a single point.

The system is made to keep everyone with a chance to win, even if you did not get the first place, the fact that you have points directly mean that you have a chance to be in the final draw, though the more points you have, the more chances you have. For every 10 points you win, you will be awarded a token and at the end the number of token you have gained will be the number of papers that have your name on in the draw.

There are other methods to achieve points and win more tokens. How? When you share the game with your friends and you invite them to play it, you will be awarded with more points so prediction the right scores is not all that counts! Make sure your friends are involved as well, they can help you more than you can imagine.

With Fly-Foot you can be the lucky person who won a trip to Europe to watch his best team play live from the stadium or you can be the winner who deserved his trip to the World Cup in Brazil after accumulating more points than anyone else at the end of the thirty weeks. There is no more to be said about the game, all you need is to play it starting today and good luck with your predictions!

You can access the game through this link:


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