Juventus Are Too Good For Serie A

A difference of eight points between the top two teams in any league with 20 matches remaining is not a significant difference and it surely does not mean the league is won yet but in Serie A’s case we can safely say that the Scudetto has been won by Juventus right after the referee raised a red card in Daniele De Rossi’s face in the Juventus Stadium.

Roma have had an incredible start to their season but further on they started struggling and they have won only twice in the last eight outings while Juventus have been on a winning streak ever since their loss against Fiorentina. Rudi Garcia’s men would probably have been top of the league right now with the points they have if it was a different season. The Bianconeri have proved that they are still on another level, very far away from the rest of the clubs in the league, they are giving no one a chance to compete with them domestically.

Arturo Vidal opened the scoring against Roma

They are doing even better than they did last season due to the addition of two quality forwards in the likes of Fernando Llorente and Carlos Tevez, the two have been a great upgrade on Alessandro Matri, Fabio Quagliarella and Mirko Vucinic. Thus, they have reached a point where they don’t have to rely on a certain area. The goalkeeper is arguably the world’s best, the defense is an Italian international one while the midfield is made of beasts such as Arturo Vidal, Paul Pogba and a magician like Andrea Pirlo while the front-line is far more than effective.

Despite all the heroics domestically, Juventus failed to perform in the Champions League. Nevertheless, it does not mean that they are not a top team, they are probably better than half of the teams that went through and they showed their true quality against Real Madrid yet luck was not on their side. From heavy snow and a ruined pitch, to costly referee decisions and to a game where they created dozens of chances yet failed to grab a winner. Things cannot be changed now, Juventus are going to play in the Europa League and it is in their hands to take the competition seriously if they are to be called the Italian Pride.

Harsh conditions gave Juventus a hard time in Turkey

One of the main strength for Juventus in Italy is having their own stadium that brings the crowd’s atmosphere closer to the game and stills intimidation into the opposing teams. Despite relegation a few years back, the Bianconeri emerged back again more determined than ever and with a plan in mind. For the rest of the teams in Italy, this is a club they can learn a lesson or two from.


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