Worst 20 Transfers of Modern Football

20. Jô – Manchester City:

Manchester City signed the Brazilian forward in 2008 right after they become the richest club in the Premier League, the £19 million sum that Manchester City paid for him was too much considering he played only 17 league games for the club and scored a signle premier league goal.

19. Bébé – Manchester United:

Manchester United paid £7.4 million to sign the Portuguese player yet he managed to play only two premier league games for Manchester United. He was later loaned out to several teams including Besiktas, Rio Ave and Paços de Ferreira and and he only managed to score two goals at four different clubs.

18. Adrian Mutu – Chelsea:

Chelsea paid Parma €22.5 million for Mutu’s transfer. He started with four goals in three matches and his abilities to fit in at Chelsea were never at doubt, though he was tested positive for cocaine and he received a 7 months ban by the FA and thus ended his stint with Chelsea with the club enduring a big financial loss. In total he scored 6 league goals for the English club.

17. Andriy Shevchenko – Chelsea:

Chelsea broke the premier league transfer record by signing Milan’s legend for about €44 million, he scored on his debut in the Community shield but after a good start, injuries and bad form hunted him as well as manager decisions left him out of the side. In total he scored nine goals before he left the club to Milan on loan.

16. Julien Faubert – Real Madrid:

Real Madrid paid £1.5 million to loan Julien Faubert for only five months, he managed to get two appearances for Real Madrid but more significantly he fell asleep on the bench in the game against Villarreal and missed training sessions for oversleeping or thinking he had a day off.

15. Denilson – Real Betis:

For the people who don’t know Denilson, Real Betis signed him for a fee of £21.5 million which was a world transfer record at that time, he managed to score only twice in his first season at the club despite playing 35 games, the second season his club was relegated to the second division, he showed since of talent and he did play quite well on certain occasions but he was a disappointment in general and it was only in his seventh and last year at the club that Real Betis managed to qualify to the Champions League.

14. Antonio Cassano – Real Madrid:

Antonio is probably one of Italy’s finest talents but his attitude has never helped him. He scored his first goal for Real Madrid just 3 minutes after entering the pitch but he started gaining a lot of weight in Spain due to poor eating habits, which Madrid fined him for every gram while being overweight and later on, he disrespected his head coach Fabio Capello which resulted in his suspension from the club. Cassano later apologized from former team Roma and former captain Francesco Totti in hopes of returning to the club but Roma refused to accept him back and he left Madrid to Sampdoria.

13. Hernán Crespo – Chelsea:

Crespo joined Chelsea after good stints in Argentina and Italy and he did not flop with the English club however, Chelsea paid £16.8 million for his services though when Jose Mourinho arrived at the club he decided that the striker is not part of his plans and he was dismissed away on loan to Milan and later on to Inter. Chelsea wasted money on a player that could have done well had he been given his chance at the club.

12. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Barcelona:

This is by far the worst transfer move done by any club, not because Ibrahimovic was not able to prove himself as a player at Barcelona but because the club parted ways with a great striker in Samuel Eto’o plus €46 million in exchange for Zlatan. The Swedish striker was able to score 16 goals and feature numerous times for the club as he won the league title with them but he had a fallout with manager Pep Guardiola and was loaned out to Milan who were able to sign him later on for only €24 million. Barcelona had made even a worse decision by giving him away to Milan for such a low price.

11. Alberto Aquilani – Liverpool:

No one will ever know why Liverpool decided to purchaseAquilani for €20 million at a time where he was suffering from a long term injury, had he not been injured, he would have definitely been worth the sum that was paid for him as he was exploding all the potential in him at his hometown club and showing that he is going to become one of the best midfielders in Italy. His injury hindered his progress, made him slower, less powerful and he lost his graceful touch on the ball. Liverpool  gave up on him after playing less than 20 Premier League games for the club.

10. Juan Sebastian Veron – Manchester united/Chelsea:

Juan joined Manchester United from Inter for a fee of £28.1 million, his first few games were terrible, he wasn’t allowed enough time on the ball and he couldn’t find the space he needed. What made matters worse is that just when he was significantly improving and fitting in he suffered a serious injury. The fans pressured Sir Alex Ferguson to sell him against his well and the sir said:” “Verón is a fucking great player, and you’re all fucking idiots.”

Chelsea paid £15 million for the Argentine, he scored on his debut but he suffered another serious injury that limited him to only seven games with the Blues.

9. Ricardo Kaka – Real Madrid:

Real Madrid were facing a giant called Barcelona and it was obvious that they needed galactic signings to match their rivals and so they moved to sign Kaka and later on Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka was plagued with injury during his stay in Madrid and later on the club decided to count on other players in their attacking line-up. Eventually Kaka did not fulfill the €68.5 million as he scored just 23 goals with the club and was allowed to return to Milan on loan earlier this season.

8. Ricardo Quaresma – Inter:

He was dubbed the new Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of Euro 2008 and Inter moved first to sign him from Porto, they paid a hefty  €18.6 million but he only scored a single goal in his 24 games for the club, he was too slow on the ball and had bad decision making while he had no understanding of the tactics of the game, he was loaned out to Chelsea and later sold to Besiktas.

7. Gaizka Mendieta – Lazio:

Mendieta made the headlines as he joined Lazio from Valencia for  €48 million, he had the world at his feet at Valencia but decided that he needs a new experience outside La Liga, though, he was a complete disappointment in Italy as he failed to live up to what Pavel Nedved did at the club before him. Following a terrible season he returned to La Liga joining Barcelona.

6. Alexander Hleb – Barcelona:

Hleb joined Barcelona in what he called the best time of his career, he was doing well at Arsenal and he decided to follow Thierry Henry to a club that was revolutionizing football, €15 million were paid for his services yet he played only 19 games for the club without a single goal in La Liga.

5. Jonathan Woodgate – Real Madrid

Woodgate, a hero at Leeds, was picked up by Real Madrid for  £13.4 million, though he caused more harm than good at the club, he did not make a single appearance in his first season at the club and in the second season, he made his debut against Athletic Bilbao scoring an own goal and later being sent off. Injuries continued to haunt him and he was limited to a total of 9 La Liga games during his stint in Spain.

4. Andy Carroll – Liverpool:

Carroll joined Liverpool after the departure of Fernando Torres to Chelsea, the English striker toke Torres’ number ‘9’ shirt following his £35 million move to Liverpool yet he was a complete disaster, he scored six goals in two seasons as he failed to fit into Liverpool’s system.

3. Robbie Keane – Liverpool/Internazionale:

There is no doubt that Robbie Keane was one of the best Premier League strikers at Tottenham though his move to Serie A early in his career was not the right choice as he managed to feature in only six Serie A games without scoring any goals. Eight years on, he joined Liverpool after his outstanding career at Tottenham for a figure of £19 million and he featured in 19 games only scoring five goals, before making a return to his beloved club Tottenham.

2. Diego Ribas – Juventus:

€24.5 million was the fee paid by Juventus to Werder Bremen to bring Diego to Serie A, he started with an assist in his first Serie A game and a brace in the second one against Roma but eventually things started going downhill for them and lead to Juventus missing out on the Champions League that season, Diego claimed that Ciro Ferrara’s formation did not suit him and he eventually left back to the Bundesliga joining Wolfsburg.

1. Dmytro Chygrynskiy – Barcelona:

The towering centre-back joined Barcelona after winning the Europa League with Shakhtar Donetsk, he played against Barcelona in the European Super Cup and joined Barcelona a couple of days later, Barcelona justified the €25 million they paid by claiming that they lacked a person of his stature and height. Dmytro was expected to fit in well at Barcelona and give them an extra aerial threat but none of that happened. He left the club at the end of the season as he featured in only 12 games.


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