The Premier League Title Race

The title race in the Premier League is a three way battle this season, unlike any of the previous ones, with only five games to go (seven for Manchester City) the champions is far from decided. Three clubs from three different cities are fighting for the championship this term and it’s neither of Everton, Manchester United or Arsenal.

Liverpool are at the top of the table (74 points) at the moment while Chelsea trail them by two points (72 points) yet Manchester City who occupy the third spot have two games in hand and can top the league if they win them both as they have 70 points right now. Each side has its different weaknesses and strength, Jose Mourinho has the experience and has already won the competition and the same is applied for some of his players. Manchester City’s Pellegrini has not won the Premier League but many of his players won it just two seasons ago and they are raring to do it again while Liverpool have the experience and leadership of Steven Gerrard who is determined to win the league with his local team before he retires.


Sturridge & Suarez have been a deadly combination

Here’s why they will win: Liverpool’s two forwards Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge have been on stunning form this season and they are just a few goals away from making history, they’re goals will be crucial for Liverpool in the final run and they single handedly can lead the Reds’ attack. Gerrard is also at the heart of the midfield and he’s deadly from set-pieces, he can break the deadlock through a free kick in a very tight game and this gives them the advantage over their opponents.

Here’s why they won’t win: Although they might score a hundred goals this season, Liverpool’s defensive side is not doing as good as the attacking one, they have conceded on many occasions and the absence of one of Martin Skrtel and Daniel Agger means that they are likely to concede goals and this could cause them to drop points against any team in the league.


Terry, Lampard & Mourinho prove they can do it once, they can do it again

Here’s why they will win: Jose Mourinho might not be the best coach in the world but he is special indeed. He has the nerves for such tight games and although he has failed to win leagues on many occasions, his attitude will only push his players to give more on the pitch and pounce on any small mistakes one of Liverpool and Manchester City does.

Here’s why they won’t win: Chelsea’s attackers are not the best strikes in the league, in fact none of Chelsea’s three strikers Samuel Eto’o, Demba Ba or Fernando Torres is the team’s top scorer, together they have 15 goals scored which is three less than Manchester City’s midfielder Yaya Toure. Luckily, they have Eden Hazard with 14 goals but if they are to win the league they need poachers and players who can score from the centre.

Manchester City:

It’s up to Kompany to keep City on track

Here’s why they will win: The league is in their hands, they played two games less than Liverpool and by winning them they can regain the top spot and they can settle for a draw in their game against Liverpool as long as they win the rest, so it’s up to them to decide their own fate.

Here’s why they won’t win: Pellegrini is in his first season in the Premier League and without a filled stadium his side might be running risks against tricky opponents, he has an international experience but not a local one, another issue for them is the goalkeeper, Joe Hart has not been solid this season and any small mistake from him could cost City the title.

Who do you think will win the title? Share your views with us in the comments below!


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