La Liga’s Finale

A well placed curled shot from Adrian seemed destined to grant Atletico Madrid the title just before the final match of the season against Barcelona, the ball was rotating in the air towards Willy Caballero’s top left corner and it meant that Barcelona’s final game against Atletico has very little meaning, but just before the ball went in, Caballero miraculously strechted himself out and parried the ball away. Game on!

The save that denied Atletico the league

Barcelona have been granted a lifeline by Malaga, just a week ago they seemed destined for a third place finish and yet today they find themselves competing for a the title on the final matchday and it all depends on them! If they win, the league is theirs but anything else means that Atletico Madrid will break the duopoly that Barcelona and Real Madrid have had for a long while.

La Liga this season has been quite different and there were three teams competing up until the 37th matchday and the final matchday will witness a direct encounter between the two remaining contenders. Basically it’s a final.

Barcelona’s players have not been themselves this season and although they can scratch this season off and forget it, they shouldn’t just yet! They may end up winning a title and perhaps the toughest one in the past five seasons, the Blaugrana need to lift themselves up and regain their spirits for one final game and aim to go all attack on Atletico as they have nothing to lose but everything to win in their own stadium in front of their own crowd.

On the other hand, the guests have had a remarkable season thus far but they need to crown it with silverware and they still have two more games and two big titles to play for. They’ve had a dip in concentration recently but Diego Simeone should use his players the best way and aim to win each of the two games and plan one game at a time. Although a draw against Barcelona grants them La Liga they shouldn’t risk it and park the bus. They will try to attack and score early to confirm their win and this attacking play from both sides will guarantee an entertaining end to the season.


Atletico Madrid’s fans at an away game!

Whoever ends up winning the league will not matter much as we have finally been able to see a season where the giant two are no longer the only ones capable of mounting a serious challenge for the title. We saw Diego Simeone play without any fear and although he was excluded last season from the shortlist for the best manager in Europe, he should settle for nothing less than winning the award itself this year.

Who do you think will win La Liga? Share your views with us!


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