Top 10 Transfers of The Summer

The new season is already underway and the transfer window has closed, all the clubs have been quite busy in the market but not all signings are good ones, in our blog this week we take a look at ten of the best deals of the summer:

10- Ashley Cole: From Chelsea To Roma

He may be old but he still has it, Roma’s problems at left back have finally come to an end with this signing, he will be around for only a couple of seasons, but his performance will have a big say in the title race this season and if Roma have a chance to win the Scudetto this season it is because they have him.


9- Toni Kroos: From Bayern Munich To Real Madrid

Real Madrid may have lost Angel Di Maria and Xabi Alonso but they have signed a young player who can stay at the club for many years to come. Kroos has a vast experience of playing at the top level and playing at Real Madrid won’t be hard for him.

8- Diego Lopez: From Real Madrid To Milan


Milan’s best deal this summer is Diego Lopez, the goalkeeper who benched Casillas at Real Madrid comes at little cost, his first Serie A appearance included a few saves including a penalty, he’s a safe bet for the Rossoneri.

7- Ivan Rakitic: From Sevilla To Barcelona

Barcelona may be criticized for signing Ivan Rakitic but the Croatian has a lot to offer, he brings a different style to Barcelona and a needed one, his career at Sevilla shows that he belongs in this league and playing alongside Iniesta and Busquets won’t be hard at all for him.

6- Mehdi Benatia: From Roma To Bayern Munich

A late move for Mehdi Benatia makes Bayern Munich’s squad scarier than ever, now Pep Guardiola can clearly say that he has a complete team, the team looks to be perfect from all angles.

5-  Antoine Griezmann: From Real Sociedad To Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid lost Deigo Costa to Chelsea but they signed Griezmann and Mandzukic to bolster their front-line, Griezmann was one of the league’s best players last season and he will surely be this time around, his ability to dribble past opponents and create chances will give Atletico the edge.

4- Alexis Sanchez: From Barcelona To Arsenal

With Serie A and La Liga experience, Alexis Sanchez can easily adapt to the Premier League life, he already showed how he can be an asset for Arsenal on a few previous occasions and he will manage to bring them crucial points this season.

3- Cesc Fabregas: From Barcelona To Chelsea

As if signing Costa up front wasn’t enough, Chelsea had to bring Cesc in to make sure they create dozens of chances each game, Fabregas knows the league well and he is capable of transforming Chelsea’s midfield into the league’ best. Jose Mourinho may have bagged the league with those two signings.

2- Luis Suarez: From Liverpool To Barcelona

His goals speak for him, his reputation may not be his best feauture but surely his ability to score will outweigh his disciplinary behavior and prove crucial for Barcelona this season.

1- Diego Costa: From Atletico Madrid To Chelsea

Chelsea went miles ahead of their opponents with this signing, Diego Costa has an instinct towards scoring goals and this is what Chelsea need up front, he’s the icing on the cake for their squad and although they lack depth in other departments, Costa’s signing makes them favorites to win the league.


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