Zlatan: Sweden’s Best

Although you might have assumed that Zlatan Ibrahimovic was the all-time record goalscorer for Sweden, he wasn’t but following Sweden’s game last week against Estonia, Zlatan has become the undisputed top scorer for his country. This could also confirm that Zlatan is Sweden’s best product on the football pitch.

Zlatan scored a brace to reach 50 goals for Sweden overtaking Scen Rydel (49). At the time, when Rydel used to play, Sweden were a dominant force and their games usually had a scoreline of more than five goals.

Zlatan has proven on the pitch that he is Sweden’s best player though he still wants to score much more goals “I want so much, I want even more. Even if I’ve said there’s a couple of years left, I’m going to do the maximum in those years. Now I’ve gone past the goal record, we’ll keep going. It’s not over yet.”

The luck of nature gave Zlatan a home in Sweden, which limits his ability to win a competition with his national team, but on the team level, he has won 23 titles with his clubs, the most recent one being the French league title with PSG where he was crowned as the league’s top scorer and best player for the second consecutive year.

Zlatan keeps on breaking records

Prior to joining PSG, Zlatan had won the various domestic league titles: La Liga, Serie A and Eredivisie. The success he enjoyed wherever he played shows exactly how great of a player Zlatan is. Zlatan’s talent is unique, he’s not only a good dribbler and shooter, but he also has traits of a complete athlete, his flexibility and agility help him score a few of the best goals. Goals that seem impossible look so easy when he scores them.

Although in his thirties now, he still seems to be improving season after the other and with him on the side, PSG have a real chance at winning the Champions League this season. But it won’t be an easy road to the final for the Parisian club. Here’s some of Zlatan’s best goals ever in the video below:


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