Totti Breaks Another Record

There are football players and there is Francesco Totti, some players shine in their career for a few season, perhaps in their early or late twenties and then move on and give a chance to other stars to fill in their shoes. Francesco Totti isn’t one of those, Totti wasn’t a player destined to shine for a mere few seasons. He continues to be the star of his only ever club Roma after his 23rd season at the club and after his goal against Manchester City last night, Totti officially broke Ryan Giggs’ record as the oldest player to score in the Champions League.

Totti celebrates his goal against Manchester City

Last night Manchester City and Roma started their match early on twitter as Manchester City taunted Roma’s captain for not having scored in England in previous attempts. Roma replied immediately saying that ‘there is always a first time for things.’ The match was played and Roma were proven to be right. The Legendary captain managed to score a goal after Roma were 1-0 down.

Despite Manchester City scoring early in the match, Totti immediately produced a fine attack that lead to a goal scoring opportunity for Maicon who hit the past from his shot. Totti’s passes continue to puzzle any defender in the world, he still has the vision and the ability to look one step ahead of his opponents, to play that pass where no one thought it would be played. Roma’s captain may have celebrated his 38th birthday but he still has a young body and mind.

Francesco gave up more money, a chance to play at a bigger club and a chance to win the Champions League only to stay at his favorite club, at his home Roma. No one would have imagined the captain would be able to break this record a few seasons ago, not because he can’t but rather because his club wasn’t able to finish in Italy’s top three spots and qualify to the Champions League.

One may think that Totti can rarely produce a decent match this days, but contrary to that belief, his performance in Serie A has been something worth noting. He has already assisted one goal in the league and another in the Champions League and he has managed a total of 12 key passes to his team-mates between both Serie A and Champions League, and he is yet to reach full fitness this season, Roma are still struggling with injuries and the team is yet to find its feet on the ground to play its best football but what is certain is that Totti will score a few more splendid goals this season.

Earlier in pre-season he stole the spotlight against Real Madrid when he managed to score past Iker Casillas from a wonderful play where he tricked Madrid’s defenders by allowing a ball to pass between his legs to his team-mate who ended up assisting his goal, here’s the video below:

Last night, Francesco broke another football record that perhaps could stay for a very long time unbroken and he may still even break his own record by scoring another goal this season or the next one.


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