Tevez: Worthy of The ’10’

There could have been no better way for Juventus’ fans to Celebrate Alessandro Del Piero’s 40th birthday than thrashing Parma 7-0. Carlos Tevez was able to score twice and assist a third before leaving the pitch after only 60 minutes of play.  One of his goals was a Maradona-style one as he skipped past Parma’s players before putting the ball in the back of the net. The Argentine, in his second season at the club has become so important for the club that without him they would probably be out of the Champions League and trailing behind Roma in Serie A.

Four braces and two other goals scored on two different occasions have put Tevez at the top of Serie A’s goal-scoring chart. Moreover, the Argentine has set-up four of Juventus’ goals, all this in just 14 appearances for his club this season between the domestic league and the Champions League.

Tevez celebrating a goal for his club

His recent performances haven’t gone unnoticed, he earned himself a return to the national team and this boosted his morale even further. Carlos is a player who plays his heart out in every single appearance, he is constantly motivated to give his best on the pitch, something many strikers nowadays lack. He may not be worthy of being labeled Del Piero’s heir, but he surely is the best striker Juventus had since Alessandro came of age. Tevez’s character makes him a player worthy and responsible of wearing the number ’10’ shirt at Juventus, he’s the type of player who doesn’t get phased by comparisons and pressure to fill into someone else’s boots.

Comparing the Argentine to Juventus’ symbol is out of context, if he is to be compared to one of Juventus’ former figures, it could be no one other than Omar Sivori. Both are extremely talented with the ball at their feet, both are short and most importantly both are from Argentina. Previously at Boca Juniors, Tevez wore Diego Maradona’s number ’10’ and played perfectly fine, his goal against Parma last weekend reminded us why he, out of all people, deserves the honor of inheriting shirt numbers from football legends.

Carlos has become an integral player to Max Allegri’s 3-5-2 formation, the same formation that Antonio Conte was using last term but this time around, Fernando Llorente seems to be playing further up front while Carlos is allowed to have much more time on the ball. Whatever, remedy Allegri decides to use, it could work quite well with the presence of a dedicated footballer like Tevez.


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