Poll of The Week: Arsenal’s All-Time Legend

Thierry Henry decided to call it a day on his football career, we dedicate our poll this week to Arsenal legends and we give you the opportunity to vote for your club’s best all-time legend.

1.Thierry Henry: Henry played for Arsenal in two different stints, he won two Premier League titles, one of which was Arsenal’s undefeated winning campaign, several domestic cups during his first stint and reached European finals as well as tens of individual awards.

2. Dennis Bergkamp: Dennis played for Arsenal for a longer period than Henry winning three Premier League titles and several domestic cups as well as reaching UEFA Cup and Champions League finals but he wasn’t able to outscore Henry.

3. Ian Wright: When Ian was playing at Arsenal, the club wasn’t as good as it was during the days of Bergkamp and Henry, he won a single Premier League title and three domestic cups, but he was able to win a UEFA Cup Winner’s Cup in 1994.

Vote for your favorite in the poll below!



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