Dortmund Edging Near Safety

Last Friday Borussia Dortmund overcame a first half deficit to make their way to a 4-2 win over Mainz 05. Dortmund trailed twice in the match but they battled their way through a win, the second consecutive one. BVB kept their momentum going after their second positive result propelled them out of the relegation zone and edged them closer to safety. This win is definitely a huge boost of morale for the players not only in the fight for survival in the Bundesliga but it will also assist them in the Champions League, but can they keep it up?


Following the news of Marco Reus’ renewal at Dortmund till 2019, Dortmund’s fans have plenty of reasons to celebrate. The comeback against Mainz could prove to be the turning point for both the team and the manager Jürgen Klopp, the head coach can now rest assured that his job is no longer on the line, at least for now. He’s still going to be seen as a hero in the eyes of the club’s fans. His persistence on sticking to the club and players despite reaching its lowest point ever since he took over is an additional reason for the management to keep him in command for the remaining part of the season and perhaps for a few more.

Although BVB were trailing after less than a minute, Marco Reus and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang rediscovered their goal scoring instincts thanks to the support of the midfield. Klopp was able to integrate Nuri Sahin, Ilkay Gundogan and Shinji Kagawa into a strong formidable midfield. The image of proper, attacking football has once again returned to BVB.

The victories over Mainz and Freiburg mean are quite important, but the job isn’t complete, Consistency is important particularly at this very moment. Next up is Stuttgart followed by a Champions League clash with Italian champions Juventus as well as the Ruhr derby against Schalke 04. If Dortmund is able to grab two victories from the next three games, then it’s safe to say the Dortmund’s season won’t be as disastrous as we thought it will a couple of weeks ago.


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