Arsenal Breaking The Barrier

The Gunners were pushed all the way by Championship side Reading on Saturday but they managed to progress to the final after Adam Federici’s error in extra-time cost Reading the game. Arsene Wenger’s side will face Aston Villa in the final on May 30 after Villa came from behind to beat Liverpool.

In addition to the cup final, Arsenal are highly likely to secure second place in the league despite being knocked out of the Champions League at the last-16 stage for the fifth consecutive season. The semi-final game was a really tough one as Reading gave everything to keep Arsenal away from a victory. Arsenal’s determination, however, gave them the upper hand and booked them a spot in the final. The London-based club stands a significant chance of winning the FA Cup, the same trophy the club won last season. Back-to-back wins could be crucial for Wenger as it would mean that the trophy-less seasons are well beyond Arsenal. They were knocked out of the Champions League and that was a big blow for them but they were able to respond domestically and it would be a great achievement for them. The win comes at a point in time where many Arsenal fans may have lost hope but this could spur the team on to win the Premier League next season.

Arsenal have crossed a mental barrier after spending nine years without winning a single trophy, today all they need is to win against Aston Villa to make it two trophies in two seasons. This could potentially help the club’s stars realize their own potential and push next season to contend with Chelsea and Manchester United on the Premier League title. Arsenal have all that it takes to beat any team in the Premier League especially with Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil and Danny Welbeck being fit. A run of 17 wins from 19 games shows exactly how much Arsenal have matured this season too bad it was too late for them to enjoy any league success but a second-spot finish is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, after many years of competing for the fourth spot, Arsenal are finally among the top two.


Arsenal play the most attractive football in England, but they need to realize that sometimes matches need to be won even if it’s in an ugly way. The players need to develop a winning mentality and do whatever it takes to knock-off Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea. This season may be almost over, but there’s always another one where Arsenal can prove the world wrong and be England’s best.


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