Sevilla en Route to European Glory

The road to Warsaw seemed to be an easy one for Sevilla this year. The Andalucian club inflicted a heavy defeat upon Italian club Fiorentina as they made their way to the Europa League final for a second consecutive year. Sevilla have won the competition three times before with the first two wins coming back-to-back in 2006 and 2007, can they repeat this scenario in Poland?

After a few bad campaigns, Sevilla were back in the head-lines last season and now they aim to repeat in 2014 and 2015 what was already achieved in 2006 and 2007. This time around they face Dnipro in the final game of the competition. Sevilla’s 2006-2007 team was one of a kind with players like Dani Alves, Frederick Kanoute and Jesus Navas, they were unstoppable. That success proved deadly for the club as they started selling their players one after the other to clubs like Barcelona and Manchester City, they even lost their manager. The club rediscovered their best form under Unai Emery, now they stand at a chance to become the best club in the history of the Europa League.

At the moment, Sevilla stand alongside Liverpool, Juventus and Inter with three titles each but the Spanish club seems to be closing in on breaking free. Carlos Bacca and Kevin Gameiro have lead the offensive against several opponents and the duo aided by Denis Suarez scored a total of 12 goals in the competition. Their ability to make the best out of the chances served Sevilla well in crucial games. In  the middle, Aleix Vidal has been creating plays and maintain the tempo of the game as Stephane M’Bia provides support.

Domestically, Sevilla are in the fifth position and they’re likely to miss out on the final Champions League spot as Valencia isn’t likely to give it up easily. However, this may be a blessing for Sevilla even if qualifying to the Europa League means less revenue for the club, they still have the chance to compete in that competition.  Despite that, Sevilla must attempt to make the jump into the Champions League and become even more competitive perhaps they can replicate their European success domestically and win the league just like Atletico Madrid did last term.


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