Jonas Gutierrez’s Second Life

it was written in the stars. Jonas Gutierrez, the same player who was suffering from testicular cancer just six months ago has not only returned to playing football but also scoring the goal that saved Newcastle United from relegation. The Argentinean hero was on the brink of being dismissed by his employers despite all his suffering. Nevertheless, he managed to show the world that despite his sickness, he is as strong as he used to be. Football’s own version of Karma still holds a share of humanity, despite the game losing its values year after year.


The Magpies’ controversial owner took exactly eight years to speak to the press. Following the win last weekend, Mike Ashley spoke for the first time in front of cameras as he clearly stated that his club is not up for sale anytime soon. The billionaire was about to lose millions in terms of TV revenue and sponsorship in what was to be Newcastle’s second relegation under his ownership but the loyal Argentine spared him the financial loss. Ashley had never given an interview, but improvised a desperate intervention before the game against West Ham, challenging to ensure that the club will not sell until you win a title and promising more investment in equipment. He had made it clear to his team that lifting a trophy is a priority on the long haul.

Jonas Gutierrez will be out of contract this summer and common sense would suggest an immediate renewal for his contribution to the salvation of the club and for his loyalty and decision not to leave when the club was relegated a few years ago. Unfortunately, the hero will have to look for a new club this summer. The Argentine midfielder was the star of the final day and he will be remembered for heroic deeds in his career for the Magpies. Despite that, his medical record of having had a cancerous tumour might push suitors away.

This season, much like many others was capped off with a rare ending. Steve Gerrard scored a consolation goal in his last game for Liverpool, but his club bowed down to a humiliating 6-1 loss against Stoke. Didier Drogba and Jose Mourinho won the title together yet again. Theo Walcott scored a hatrick and a lot more happened but nothing compares to the second life of Jonas Gutierrez, the major title of his career.

Do you think Jonas deserves a new contract at Newcaslte United? Share with us your views!


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