Liverpool Football Klopp

The sacking of Brendan Rodgers is no longer a novelty, neither is the arrival of Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool. The Geraman manager is expected to arrive in Liverpool any moment and sign a contract that will bind him with the Merseyside club for three seasons. It is no secret that Klopp is a fan favorite at Liverpool as fans have launched several campaigns on social media demanding his appointment even weeks before Rodgers was sacked. Will he be the man to finally make it right?


Klopp made a name for himself while at Borussia Dortmund as he earned world-wide respect. He’s a passionate type of coach, very committed with what he’s doing and quite emotional when it comes to games. He’s sort of the man Liverpool fans would want on the bench, a manager who would put his heart out for the team. He brings a lot of enthusiasm to the dressing room and he knows how to motivate the team and get the best out of his players. A fresh new face will be just what the players need to start believing in their abilities and bring results.

Of course Liverpool fans are demanding ones, the pressure on Klopp’s shoulders will be great right from the start but it’s down to him to prove how he can handle it. Klopp loves to be the underdog in his battles and at Liverpool he will be at comfort knowing that his squad is no longer considered as one of the best. He knows that by changing the mentality of his players he can grind results out of tight matches where his opposition settles at the back.

By taking the Liverpool job, Klopp might miss out on the Bayern Munich one next season. He would have had the chance to be handling the best team in the world but instead he might be having to deal with a squad of average players. A bad stint at Liverpool could damage his reputation but Klopp is a man who loves to face challenges and the Liverpool job is the perfect match for him. With Chelsea and Tottenham suffering this season, it is the perfect opportunity for Klopp to guide Liverpool back into the Champions League zone.


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