Lebanese Goalkeeper Chasing His Dream

Peter Khalife is a Swedish football coach of Lebanese origin. The idea of the ‘The Next Step’ came to him while he was living abroad. Young kids growing up in academies caught his attention and he thought that perhaps if Lebanese teenagers get a similar chance then they might excel in reaching professional football. Coach Peter himself had a chance to play professional football while abroad and he wanted to help talented children travel and train with European clubs. Peter discussed his idea with Sports 961 and he went on to search for the future star. After scouting over a 100 players, coach Peter identified Majed Khalife as the ideal candidate.

Majed is currently playing for Lebanese football team Racing but he hopes to one day play for Manchester United. He dreams to play in the Premier League just like his idol, Joe Hart. His dream has always been to become a football player but he couldn’t afford to travel from Lebanon to get his only chance at developing into the player he can be. This is where Fly-Foot came in to help. Coach Peter contacted us last summer and informed us about his idea and we did not hesitate to join the project and sponsor the flights of both Peter and Majed to Cyprus where the 18-year-old goalkeeper will have a tryout with three different teams.
Unfortunately, it is hard for a player to become a star while playing football in Lebanon but as Coach Peter, Sports 961 and ourselves at Fly-Foot share the same goal and desire to promote the game we love the most and see talented people from our region be able to realize their dreams, we have placed all of our confidence in Majed who we hope can realize his dream and play in one of the world´s best football teams and perhaps help others like him.

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