Still Not Over for Mourinho

Jose Mourinho’s bright start to life at Manchester United has been halted to the surprise of many following three consecutive defeats. However, a win two nights ago against Northampton Town in the EFL Cup might be just what they needed to get back on track in the Premier League. Manchester United’s manager seems to be under a lot of pressure to succeed especially after his failure last season at Chelsea and his mission to bring the Red Devils back to the top of the Premier League is not an easy task at all but United are not in a crisis, at least not yet.


Today the media and the fans have placed considerable amounts of pressure on both Manchester United and Jose Mourinho especially since both the team and the manager are trying to get rid of recent failure. Manchester City’s success led by Pep Guardiola has not been helping at all either. The blue team of Manchester has won all nine games they’ve played this season and this only puts more pressure on the people at Old Trafford. However, even Pep himself admits that the perfect start could reach an end soon: “I have to recognise that I’m so happy, but I have to tell you I’m going to lose games.”

Two days ago Manchester United returned to winning ways thanks to veteran Michael Carrick who made his first appearance of the season and even scored a goal. At the age of 35 Carrick cannot be expected to play every game of the season but he should feature more often. A start against Leicester City could help add stability to United’s midfield particularly in shielding the defense while Paul Pogba makes forward runs.

There is no crisis at Old Trafford. Manchester United are just one point below fourth placed Arsenal. Nevertheless, it has been Mourinho’s weakest start to a season since managing Porto in 2002. The fact that United spent big on adding new players puts extra pressure on them. These signings require time to improve the chemistry in between them. Zlatan may be scoring goals but he’s yet to become fully integrated in his team’s game. Paul Pogba will do better as he gets used to his new team and position. A lot of factors combined caused Mourinho to lose three games but the Red Devils can get back on track this weekend if they grab a win against Leicester City.

Success requires time and United are not required to win the Premier League in their first season under Mourinho but a top four finish should be the least they aim for. There is no shame in losing games even if it was the derby and at home. However, Jose Mourinho needs to change the way he handles them. He needs to accept criticism and that it’s part of the game, work to improve his team and move on.


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