A Year of Klopp

Ahead of Jurgen Klopp’s first anniversary at Liverpool, his former forward, Robert Lewandowski, believes that Liverpool have a real chance at winning the Premier League title especially since they are not competing in Europe. This may be true and Liverpool are indeed having quite a good season so far but Klopp is neither looking at celebrating a year at Anfield nor is he in the mood to reflect upon it: “I have no time and I am not in the mood for reflection, to be honest.” The spotlight was on both Manchester United and Manchester City in pre-season. The two were the focus of the media. After all, they spent huge sums of money on players and got themselves two managers that have dozens of trophies under their belt. However, it is Liverpool who have been the most impressive so far.


Liverpool are certainly in a good position so far this season, they’re on a five game winning streak and the last time this happened was in 2013-2014 when Liverpool came close to winning the title under Brendan Rodgers. In fact, Liverpool today is very much similar to that side. They are relentless on the counter. Raheem Sterling, Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge have been replaced by Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Philippe Coutinho up front.  This odd trio has been able to match the pace of the old one and score plenty of goals. Klopp’s high-intensity football faced a lot of problems last season especially with his players attempting to adapt to his game but it seems that they have finally grasped it.

The Reds have scored a total of 24 goals in their opening eight matches so far. A record they have not achieved in 120 years but the more goals they score, the more they concede. They are yet to keep a clean sheet this season and if they are to win the title then they need to address their defensive issues. James Milner may not be ideal playing at the back.

At Anfield, every game is treated like it’s a final. The supporters just know how to build momentum around their team and spur them on. The fans have reacted quite positively with their team and they truly are an extra player on the pitch. Since Klopp’s arrival, the atmosphere among the fans has drastically improved. Now they have hope. After all, it could be a very special year for both club and fans.

Jurgen Klopp offers Liverpool something Brendan Rodgers couldn’t offer. Klopp’s charisma is definitely an extra-factor for the Reds. His ability to manage his players’ emotions and get them to follow his command is impressive and quite important. His players may commit mistakes on the pitch but they tend to stick to the game plan. This may be one of the hardest seasons in recent years. A lot of clubs are in the title race and Liverpool are currently fourth, two points below leaders Manchester City and two above seventh-placed Chelsea. All is possible this season, let’s hope to enjoy it till the very end.


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