Fly-Foot Fantasy League: It’s Heating Up!

After 10 weeks of Premier League football, 157 players are competing in Fly-Foot’s Fantasy League. The competition is surely getting stronger after three months of play as we’ve already seen three different monthly winners and none of them is at the top of the league! The three monthly winners have been awarded their team’s favorite shirt from The Football Shop, there’s still more jerseys to be given out and of course the biggest prize, a trip to watch a live Premier League match!


League leader Mustapha Meselmaniy (654 points) is just 23 points above September’s Monthly winner Marc Antoun (631), closely behind them Mahmoud Awad is at 609 points. Each of the three had a different approach to their game. Mustapha and Mahmoud are playing with a 3-4-3 and Marc is using a 3-5-2, putting his focus on midfielders like Alexis Sanchez, Roberto Firminio and Philippe Coutinho. Firminio alongside Sergio Aguero, are two players present in the line-ups of all three managers. The two players have had some good displays recently and are expected to continue to notch up points as their teams do well in the Premier League.

Big names such as Alexis Sanchez, Romelu Lukaku, Diego Costa and De Gea are common to be selected among many Fantasy players. However, there are other less known players who seem to be performing well and can get any fantasy team up and running. Goalkeeper Tom Heaton’s 11 saves against Manchester United last weekend were not a fluke. He has the gathered so far the most points for a goalkeeper, something many have ignored. In defense, Chelsea wing-back Marcos Alonso, who has earned clean sheet points in each of his last four matches and registered an assist against Manchester United at home in Gameweek 9 might be a good bet for those who may want to drop any of their Arsenal defenders who might not feature in the upcoming game against Spurs.

There are hundreds of players to choose from to make your ideal line-up. Some may rely on a few strong names while others may choose to create a balanced team of average players. The winning formula is yet to be discovered, but we surely invite you all to join our Fly-Foot Fantasy League for a chance to compete with friends and win valuable prizes. Head to our website, sign up and confirm your email once you receive our league code. Use it to join us on



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