Champions League: Now What?

The Group stage phase of the Champions League is over. Six matchdays were more than enough to split the 32 teams into four groups: seeded, unseeded, Europa League goers and eliminated ones. 16 teams remain, 8 group winners will be randomly drawn against 8 runners-up but the rules are no team can face a team they already faced or a team from their same nation.


Big teams like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, PSG and Manchester City made things complicated for the rest as they finished second in their groups meaning that even though Napoli won their group they are highly likely to face one of those big teams. It is definitely a weird season and weird things are happening. Leicester City who are struggling in the Premier League but managed to win their group on matchday 5 were humiliated in Porto last night after they lost 5-0. English midfielder Danny Drinkwater featured in all six games meaning he played the same number of Champions League game like legend Diego Maradona. Elsewhere Borussia Dortmund’s 2-2 draw with Real Madrid meant that they didn’t only win their group but they also broke the record of goals scored in the group stage, they scored a total of 21 goals in just six games! Real Madrid may have missed out on being at the top of their group and will be disappointed that Dortmund broke their goalscoring record of 20 goals but the fact that they scored at home means that they have scored in the last 33 games they played at the Santiago Bernabeu in the Champions League, yet another record.

Serie A winners decided to rest goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, this was the first time since 2008 the Italian giants play in the Champions League without their captain featuring in the line-up Buffon. Neto started in goal for the Bianconeri but that did not matter, as Dinamo Zagreb exited the tournament with no goals scored and 15 conceded making them the third team in  the competition’s history to go scoreless in the group stage. Tottenham Hotspurs ended up third in their group meaning they will head to the Europa League but this does not mean that they did not dominate. In fact, they are third only to Barcelona and Bayern Munich in terms of possession. They held the ball for 63.6% of the time during their six games.

The group stage has been filled with action and surely the next round will be the same. There are big games waiting to be played in the next round especially with big teams finished second in their group. How will the rest of the season turn out to be? Find out for yourself and book your flight with us to watch the action live in the biggest stadiums!


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