Bayern Munich Have The Final Word

Forty-five minutes were enough for Carlo Ancelotti’s Bayern Munich to strike three times past RB Leipzig, claim all three points and go top of the Bundesliga table alone. Newly promoted Leipzig had the same number of points as Bayern, 36, coming into this game but the encounter with the German champions brought that to a stop.

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Munich were very aggressive and showed their control of the game’s tempo from early on. There was no room for error as they hoped to be crowned as the Bundesliga winter champions and eliminate any possible threat to their title-defending campaign. This was only Leipzig’s second loss of the season. Three points may not be much of a difference but when the rival is Bayern Munich then perhaps settling for Champions League qualification is not that bad of a goal for a newly promoted team.

Bayern’s dominance of the Bundesliga scene is similar to that of Juventus in Serie A. The two are always the title-favorites even if they are not in form. Rival clubs need to be exceptionally good if they are to stand the slightest chance of posing a real threat and to this moment, Leipzig’s threat has not been a serious one even though they are having their best season ever. Munich’s drop in form is natural. They switched from Pep Guardiola’s system to Carlo Ancelotti’s one and it takes time to adapt from one to the other.

It’s been only seven years since Red Bull acquired the playing license of fifth-tier SV Markranstadt. Since then, their route to the Bundesliga has been filled with controversy but they’re challenging the statusquo and even if they fail in taking Bayern down, they may still hold a real chance in upcoming seasons especially with state-of-the-art training facilities and their power to attract young talented players from around Europe.


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